May 30, 2004

"like the shark, pandas have millions of teeth
that they use like hacksaws to cut through bone, candy, and fences."

-from some panda thing on sifl & olly that erica put on a mix CD for me... i haven't been able to get much past that song. for fear. i must know my enemy. i must become "drunk on panda mystery"

i feel the need to build a panda-dome, armored with something that is not bone, candy, OR fences.

or is that "bone candy"

in related news i have decided to become a fence fence.

i also got a mix CD from amy

martin sexton is fabulous.

lightning bug! right there, see?

no. you don't. only text! this medium has limitation! limitation!


- - - - - -

i got up early this morning (circa 10am) and did my laundry and took a jog, and then plopped on a couch at the perk or the "perks" as one ms. julia rose thinks it's called... but she was in a fitness infomercial, so it's ok.

i finished reading "the butlerian jihad", a dune prequel by frank herbert's son and... umm... kevin anderson? or something.

the back cover says it's more accessible and just as entertaining as the original series. it kinda sucked.

i suppose if you thought the originals were a difficult read, you may find this one better...

ellipse follows...

then argh! like before. only later.

i'm also rereading "fierce invalids home from hot climates" (tom robbins)

- - - - - -

the weather is nice. if it would stay like this for a month or so i'd have a chance in hell of actually growing spinach, and not just spinach seeds. the rest of my herb garden is splendid though. splendid. pesto for everyone! well, not quite yet and.. not quite everyone.

left to right: [flowerbox has square brackets] (pot has round brackets)

[dill cilantro oregano] (cilantro) (basil) (basil) (oregano) (dill)

like you needed a schematic. i also have swedish ivy, but that's not edible. unless you're a swedish ivyeater.

i've heard that norwegian ivyeaters can stomach it as well.


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