March 17, 2004

just a reminder to come to my show

thursday, 18 march 2004
college perk coffeeshop
college park, md

- be there! -

- - - - - - - - - - - -


saturday is PLOJ (pot luck open jam for all zero of you who don't know)

you should come. 6pm to 3am i guess. also at College Perk

bring food. bring instrument(s). bring self. jam. eat. jam. sing. eat. get full. jam. decide that you are not full. eat.
now really full. jam. jam. sing. watch someone bring in that dessert that you just have to have. eat. jam sluggishly
for fear of explosion.

and so on. i will make... um... i don't know what i'm making.

i'll probably bring bass, guitar, and mandolin.


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