February 21, 2004

the plan.. well, i don't know about inappropriate punctuation, but a song has been hatched out of the day that allowed me to sit on the porch and play guitar...

back when i was in "five foot fungus", i wanted to call the band "quicksandbox". failing that, it would be the name of our album... or something.

it's been awhile, and the idea has faded a bit, but today it got converted, finally, into a song

- - - - - - - -

bowman straight dispelling confine regard rhombohedral billionth bursty
reflexive injun glycerol joyride betatron eumenides carthaginian inhale
nausea noisemake catv eyesore idiomatic interject aitken douse label
echinoderm lawman burro echelon tapestry fluent leech camelot bullet
holmdel allure ballard gerhardt craggy miterwort dossier mire anchoritism
bombard map phosphate conifer tinder cofactor rarefy locknut scary grease

- - - - - - - - -

ah yes, this time it is one Mr. Victor Friedman that has bestowed upon us a list of spam poetry words. and i feel haiku.

dispelling regard
euminides' cofactor
labels burro mire

rhombohedral leech
craggy miterwort allure
inhale glycerol!

if you've got nothing better to do, write some of your own.


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