January 08, 2004

went to the harambe open mic tonight with rob & heather (18th and U NW across the street from Stacatto)

the mood was set by a band called ishlab. this open mic seems to be a hip-hop/poetry focused one and ishlab provides backing for such things.

rob and heather and I brought a "different flavor" according to Empress (the host)

after me were two freestyle MC's on the mic together... don't remember the real one's name but his imaginary companion was named OG Hennessy.

Then there was a cool old blues dude who needed to tell the band to either shut up or shout some chords (the latter would have been better i think... it was sounding good when it was working)

And then an older eastern european or russian woman sang acapella.

It was ... weird.

Then we left.

Kind of cool though. I sang saskatchewan

Chris, you missed out on OG Hennessy and his brother on the mic...


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