January 16, 2004

Sorry it's been so long since I recorded anything; it was kind of Thanksgiving, Christmas, a few colds, a few shows, work, writing, whatever. I think the being sick in between the other stuff I've been doing has made it so I don't record. I mean, who wants to hear me even MORE nasal because I'm stuffy?

That said, perhaps this will redeem your faith in my free mp3'ing of you.

A badass recording of finer points of precipitation, complete with three guitars and harmonies...

I broke a string on the distorted lead electric right before the, umm, bridge? (try so hard to search the yard bit)

Through the magic of a guitar that stays in tune upon breaking of a high E, I finished the bridge.

Changed the string and recorded the bit after the bass solo. Isn't technology wonderful?

Now I need to get to bed, cause I was seeing things dart by during the last tracks that weren't really there.


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