January 24, 2004

so my last two posts were within seven seconds of being 12 hours apart. And you and I are the same height! That is neat!

therefore! i present without further adieu* the full body of a spam that i recieved from the illustrious Candice Pham

- - - - - -

blunder allusive multiplet quicken carib script herald catholic frenchman
oilman translucent douglass convent wadi accelerate absentia peacock
enlargeable austin hell jules countermen threshold intemperate boron
apprehend drury sunk nearest cunning backlash collet sparse voracity
cutlass pie eugenia suppressor insatiable accent heritage washbasin bide
breakthrough fermat trim flatten numerate absorb skye circumcircle
psychoacoustic inapproachable awaken

- - - - - -

and now, it's like magnetic poetry.

austin douglass peacock

a poem; by candice pham and dan zimmerman

intemperate boron!
absorb skye circumcircle
upon psychoacoustic breakthrough.

fermat will numerate
eugenia flattens
translucent catholic oilman
quickens enlargeable multiplet

apprehend cutlass pie
cunning collet backlash
hell, jules
accelerate wadi

ok, so i'm at college perk again. playing pool. perhaps writing. maybe i should just set "austin douglass peacock" to music. by the way, it's your turn. submit your poems to the comments beastie.

*intenshunal! don't correct me!! bashtard! i'm not intoxshicated.


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