January 23, 2004


working on learning how to mix things properly. Finer Points of Precipitation has undergone several versions since I recorded it. I think the newest is better so you may want to re-download if you've got it already. My headphones have been replaced with a new pair of AKG phones that have better frequency response.

I think I'm going to go have a beer at the 94th Aero Squadron and see me some Continuous Play

It's damn cold.

New music? This is possible. Shows? Eh, nothing at the moment. I think maybe the New Deal Cafe would be cool. And Staccato. And... the world! YAAUGRGH!

My car ... I love my car, but it saddens me. Ah, the holes worn in old exhaust plumbing by time and salt and widened and split by installation of new strong parts. They're too much for the older bits. Stainless... oh, if only I had the money for stainless, I would never replace muffler or tailpipe again!

And it vibrates on the highway! And not in the pleasing way in which... uh...

Did you notice, it's 012304

Sunday is a month past Christmas. Do I really have to take my lights down? Cause, well, you know

It's damn cold.

That is all.


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