January 26, 2004

i'm working on topsoil. i need to add backing vocals ... and possibly some mandolin.

should be out tomorrow.

incidentially*, that's topsoil as in the "uppermost layer of fertile earth", not topsoil as in "lubricant for spinning toys"

good then.

if you would like a preview, then, HA! actually, not HA!

if you would like a preview, you can get an acoustic version: topsoilacoustic.mp3

rock that roll. why an acoustic one? the plan is to burn some acousticky stuff to a cd and hand it out to the booking people at real live venues where i haven't played and say "HEY! this is what I sound like! please, hire me to play HERE."

and they will say "verily, we shall have thee entertain us on February the xth", because they are anachronistic and vague.

remember, fog can be hazardous, and topsoil is not oil for tops.

*another typo worth keeping. something to do with teeth.


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