January 04, 2004

i cleaned my apartment yesterday and today. call it early spring cleaning.. there were a lot of filthy bits but it's much nicer now... my room is still a bit of a mess as i haven't managed to put everything away that i brought back from erie for christmas.

because you wanted to know that.

i was at perk last night until 5:30 or 6am so I got up today at around 2. This is not a good start to my plan of getting up earlier in the morning... i figure i'll go to bed early tonight, but i probably won't.

i may have avoided getting sick... thought i was for a bit but i think all the sleep last night helped. my sis had a sinus infection when i was home for the holidays; i'm hoping to avoid that...

it occurred to me just now that there wasn't any bad weather for the ilyAIMY/me show at Thai Gour, in contrast to my previous windy college perk shows... so... is it

1) college perk + me = storms but not other venues?
2) rob and heather cancel the storms
3) when i play, either there are storms or i am sick.
4) dan, you moron, think about the statistical validity of your potential interpretations and reject them.

if i reject 4) for being ridiculous, it stands to reason that on friday either there will be storms, or i will be sick.

i pick storms.


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