December 30, 2003

and the #1 reason dan doesn't watch the news much is...

because the office of homeland security has stated that terrorists have been using the Farmer's Almanac to help them plan terror attacks, and has said that anyone carrying a dog-eared copy and looking suspicious has been reported immediately.

also the trucking industry around the great lakes is a purported target for terrorist attack.

in related news, the most dangerous Al-Qaeda operatives have been sighted eating organic mangoes; fresh, not dried. Tom Ridge personally vouches that anyone who shoots a mango-eater dead will not be charged with a crime provided that the deceased was shown to be shifty-eyed within the past 24 hours.

holy fucking hell!

so why are we looking for terrorists wielding superstitious weather predicting reading material? i think it's "CREDIBLE CHATTER"

ABDULLAH (takes a bong hit): "We shall get on shortwave and speak about "old farmer's almanac" " *coughs* *giggles*

HAYDER: "Yes, that will blow some minds over at CIA... oh oh, and trucks around great lakes... one set on fire once, right?" *giggles*

set change; office of homeland security listening post, static crashes and heterodynes audible on radio along with faint arabic voices; show young listener scribbling on pad and paper

the moral: for fuck's sake, VOTE, while remembering that Saddam Hussein was hardly a danger while hiding in a hole and some people are saying that it was actually the Kurds that found him.

- - - - - - - - -

now news you can use:

don't forget my show at College Perk on the 9th of January (it's a Friday). I'll start around 8:30 p.m.

- - - - - - - - -

odd thoughts:

cleveland is cool

drag shows should have more than four participants if they're going to cycle them

i'm going to use glowing spheres in my show

i probably won't play my mandolin, though i got a contact pickup that can be used on the mandolin and the banjo so you can hear them if i do play them

i wonder if poor richard's almanac is considered a terrorist threat?

"elephants are cute, but they know how to rock out"

December 25, 2003

Merry Christmas! It's a white one despite the fact that there wasn't any snow yesterday morning after a couple of days of 50 degree rainy weather.

On Monday, my sister and I went to fetch a tree... we swear, it looked a lot smaller in the lot. It's a tree that looks like it had a few too many christmas cookies. It's hard to get around it.

Under it this morning was, among other things, a mandolin. Yes, that's right! More instruments for me to play. This one is a little more manageable than the violin, though it's something of a change from the bass...

So I'm going to be in Erie for a while but I should be back to Maryland for the PLOJ

So enjoy family, friends, food, presents, and the gallon of eggnog that you can't stay away from, and I'll see you all soon.

December 17, 2003

PNC Bank - The 12 Days of Christmas gift total up nearly 19% from 2002

Shoulda bought 'em last year.

December 15, 2003

Bizarre objects and practices!

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This will be interesting to the geeeeeky among you...
It takes a bitmap image and converts it pixel by pixel to an HTML table.

BMP to HTML converter

Also, thanks to chris @

Call (443) 573-2800 and listen to the options. Take them seriously, especially #7 and you get a prize.

baltimore parking authority . . . umm, yeah!

And now for the first installment of Songwriting Backstage:

i wanted to write a surreal song but i got this instead...

mild mannered jennifer

schizophrenic girl leaks into songwriter's brain.

i started the first images in another song. there was going to be a homeless guy throwing cars through glass buildings and leaving them intact... and all the pavement was going to be stripped away from the city too. that was about all i had. i had this in mind for a specific guitar part...

so i pull into the supermarket parking lot today and the phrase "self-imposed exile" pops into my head as something to put into my surreal song.

when i got back with my groceries i decide to pick up the guitar and simultaneously decide that the aforementioned guitar part doesn't have exile attached to it so i try something else i had kicking around.

enter aerosol kings.

then i watched the simpsons.
and bernie mac.

and decided to finish the song. so i did.

and it was not quite what i had planned.

- - - - - - - -

aaaanyway, thanks to everyone that came to the thai gour on saturday. i had a blast playing bass with rob and heather, and the pad thai was excellent, but i wish i had just opened. i felt like my second set was not so up to par because . . .

1) my throat was miserable
2) rob and heather are hard to follow
3) i need to figure out how to take up more sonic space if i'm going to play biggish places. i need to feed my guitar fatty foods or something because i felt like my sound was a bit thin
4) i was rushing because of the above which made me nervous which made me rush more which... well, you know, positive feedback.

first set felt good... so did break/topsoil/precipitation but i shoulda stuck those in before

alright; gotta work in the morning... anyone know a good place to get a 1m diameter 1m high cylinder of aluminum on the cheap? let me know.

December 13, 2003

The Surrealist Compliment Generator

December 11, 2003

My sister has a webpage of thingen that she likes, and she also has a blog

She has sprung this upon me via my blog commenten!

For some reason these thingen make me want to pluralize everything with an -en instead of -s.

So i've finished one of my lab reporten that is due now in less than twenty four houren and I still have one to go. Research electronicen is almost done! Oh, except for the twenty-five percent of my grade that I have to extract from the final exam next thursday. But soon, twill be no more.

- - - -demarcation below which normal pluralization resumes- - - - - - - - -

So I got an email on the cupajo mailing list about their imminent departure from college park for touring upon the east coast. they are looking for couches to sleep on and places to play and people to talk them up to their friends. my sphere of blog influence doesn't extend much past the dc/baltimore metro areas, however, so posting this here won't help them too much.

I want to publicly wish them luck though, and hopefully I'll be joining the whole quit and tour movement in a couple of years, Ph.D. in hand. the end of research electronics gives me hope that I will be able to concentrate on doing some actual physics minus some of the suck that's been getting me down recently.

I need to start booking shows for the new year, as well. I need to get out and play at venues other than college perk: i've been eyeing staccato as a possibility. Cool bar, good sound from what I heard at the cupajo show. I will be going to the open mic soon to give a preview and drop off a CD. I think I should probably record some tracks that are just me and guitar so they don't think that "dan zimmerman" is a band :-). I still have the raw tracks from most of the recordings so i can just rebounce a lot of them. Alright, it's getting to be get-kicked-out* time at the coffeeshop, so I must rebundle my belongings and gtfo.

*no such thing really, but it's nominal closing time

December 06, 2003

show announcement - Thai Gour with ilyAIMY - i'll be playing some of my songs, and playing some bass guitar, too

saturday december 13th...

i wanna see a frenzy

December 04, 2003

snow, snow, snow. pronounce it like "now" and it sounds funny.

i am sick, but a regimen of ny and day quil preserves most functionality
i had chicken soup AND orange juice for dinner... should chase away the virii, right?

my mom and sister have been sick for weeks... i've got too much last minute work to do to be sick next week, so hopefully i will clear up over the weekend.

December 03, 2003

i think that i'm getting sick. grr!