November 29, 2003

it's dark and cold and precipitating; sometimes snow, sometimes rain.
this is erie. the lake saturates the air with moisture that just must come down. we should get 1-3" of snow overnight and an additional 1-3" tomorrow, or so they say in local meteorological circles.

it's not nice snow though, it's just going to be enough to make roads slippery (for a while) and give the lawn over to cold mud.

while there is an attempt to revitalize the bayfront and downtown here, this town still feels the ills of dying heavy industry; it's here because of lake-borne shipping opportunities... but the money these days is made in technology, not boilers and

out here ... and here is strange; rural style dirt roads and woods at suburban distance, there is a strip-mall cancer, slowly metastisizing westward toward my family home. the new growth is shiny, almost healthy looking in a cookie-cutter suburban shopping sort of way; new target, new best buy, bed bath and beyond, whatever, thriving on "black friday" i'm sure... the biggest shopping day of the year. curiously, not the biggest buying day of the year.

but it's decay, because the newcomers don't move into the "for lease" vacuum left by those that came before, but rather, they clear more land and build anew; why? better "access" i think. there are about 103,000 people in the city, and yet the "upper peach street" sprawl sees almost-but-not-quite DC-style traffic jams of rabid consumers... it can take hours to traverse on big shopping days.

some blame the canadians and their lust for tax-but-not-tacky free clothing and shoes, but they come on buses; pretty efficiently getting from the great white north down here.

i blame it on putting everything here. why? 10 year exemptions from property taxes. but, Dan, you say, don't these businesses creat much-needed jobs?

yep, i've just been laid off from my good paying union welder's job at GE, so a good job for me is making $6.50/hr putting prices on shit at target.

maybe like baltimore, and like what rob told me about bethlehem, erie will birth an artist community from its dying industrial embers...

doesn't do too much for you if your collar is blue.

November 25, 2003

i'm back in Erie for thanksgiving. i wrote a poem on the plane.

happy thanksgiving everyone. probably write some more up here this week, cause i left my guitar in maryland. i'm hoping my sis will let me use hers :-)

November 24, 2003

so i posted my website in the Counting Crows artists' forum and now i'm hoping that adam duritz hears my music. stupid, i know, but you never know.

so, back when i was in cupajo, and we won the battle of the bands to open art attack at maryland, there was a brief and totally false rumor going around that counting crows were going to play the show. of course it ended up being george clinton, and the crows were never actually considered for art attack. for a while, though, i thought that there was a tiny chance that i'd get to open for CC.

ah well, i did get to open for P-funk...

not as personal a thing though.

gotta get my music out there anyway. who knows... maybe someone over there will listen and i'll end up opening for them and...

the band does read the forums, you know.

now, time to get to the sleepy kind of dreams.

November 23, 2003

The Onion | What Do You Think?

"It makes sense for Bush to pull out. If his own father had exercised the judgement to pull out, the U.S. wouldn't have been there in the first place."

November 21, 2003

so tonight i said something about pulling some prank before "we quit grad school"

i meant to say "before we graduate from grad school"

i think.

November 20, 2003

substantially bizarre page found by searching google for surrealist tapir, which by itself is substantially bizarre.

November 17, 2003

ok, this is strange. so as part of the blogger hosting, they post that ad up there it lists some links and a couple of related search terms.

a few minutes ago the "related terms" were "aussie slang" and "automysophobia"

somehow, this is targeted advertising.

i'm going to make "automysophobia" into your word of the day. who said ads weren't good for anything:

from wikipedia, automysophobia is the fear of being dirty.

not to be confused with Automatonophobia, which is the "fear of any inanimate object that represents a sentient being, eg. statues, dummies, robots, etc. "

now, i'm not afraid to be dirty if the situation calls for it...

how's that for a word o' the day, mate?

word of the day will be sporadic, at absolute best

November 16, 2003

a new recording for you: break

also, for you bandwidth limited ones, i've now got lo-fi (56kbps) mp3s on the music page

the sound is not as good but they're about half the size.

November 15, 2003

It's official! is mine, and up!

wam site will stay there for a while, since it's on 100 CD's that i've given out...

now my website is so much easier to remember.

i haven't decided if i'm going to move this journal over to

i probably won't, but i've tweaked the css a bit to make the colors match...

I love
"Red Meat"

And now! Paladiev has gone underground... use caution in your dealings.

The Onion | I've Received Some Unpleasant Information Regarding My Estranged Half-Brother's Involvement In The Barcelona Debacle

this is funny:
Arcata Eye Newspaper : Arcata Police Log

from dcsob

this is my new home. why do i need one?

1.) more space for mp3's (10 times)
2.) it will be in a few days
3.) it was -F-R-E-E- (grad student budget thanks me). see 1&1 for details

it's free hosting for three years; $5.99/year for the domain name


i usually mistrust such things, so i read everything... seems ok

if you want it, read everything too. maybe i missed something and i owe them my immortal toe.


i loved that toe.

wait, what?

soul? oh!

immortal soul

that makes SOO much more sense.

and i get to keep my immortal toe.


November 14, 2003

thank you all for coming to my show!

i really was glad when people came to the hurricane show, but i am even gladder that more people got to come to this one. i think i play better knowing that you aren't missing me.

saskatchewan was ridiculous.

john nolan on guitar
rowan on djembe
aleta on doumbek

!!! even

ah, the delights of a random spontaneoband.

i broke a string on fallen
i got to play john's brand new less-than-a-week-in-his-possesion-taylor for a bit

tyler changed my string so that i could bring john and rowan back up for burning girl

the PA was good

my throat is sore; i don't really spend all that much time singing...

i still feel like i sounded good at the end; it wasn't the kind of sore throat that actually affects the singing,
but it just doesn't feel good.

bedtime; i was just on erasing the show off the dates page

more soon.

November 13, 2003

Look, I don't know why this is cool, but it is.


You probably don't want to read this, especially if you're a cat person. (Rated |R| for disturbing mind control parasites)

This is in the category of things I would have been better off not knowing. Fortunately it is relatively easy to convince yourself that it isn't really true, cause it sounds awfully urban legendy.

Off to bed; hopefully my scruffy antisocialness doesn't have anything to do with toxoplasmosis.

You almost HAVE to read it now, don't you? Don't. Creepy. But you will. But don't.

Especially Casey.


November 12, 2003

So I went to Atomic today and got myself a PA. Now I can play gigs ANYwhere. pfee! It's a 100W speaker/amp combo to go with my little mixer. Actually a powered monitor. So if you want me to play in your basement, I can be amplified.

This is where I lived in college. (not the townhouses, but there are some decent pictures of potsdam)

November 11, 2003

tierra del fuego

UMCP needs more places to put signs up.

Some more to think about on this topic.

First, read this - RIAA website
Key Stats/Facts - Cost of a CD

Bits to think about:

Marketing costs are the most expensive part of the music business today.

"For every album released in a given year, a marketing strategy was developed to make that album stand out among the other releases that hit the market that year."

"Another factor commonly overlooked in assessing CD prices is to assume that all CDs are equally profitable. In fact, the vast majority are never profitable. After production, recording, promotion and distribution costs, most never sell enough to recover these costs, let alone make a profit. In the end, less than 10% are profitable, and in effect, it's these recordings that finance all the rest."

So, 90% of what the music industry markets is seen by the purchasing public as crap.


is it?

maybe CD prices are sufficiently high that people aren't willing to take a risk on someone they haven't been able to
compare to the media saturators.

what would happen if all the aggressive high-cost marketing was replaced by the $4 CD...?

would britney still be a superstar? would I?

the thing is, no one knows... the music industry knows that it can make tons of money from its current business plan, so it isn't going to change course.

the internet is not the democratizing solution for distributing content that people once naively thought it would be. the best content is still produced by websites that can hire a bunch of people to produce good content and provide desired services. i can't hire anyone.

on the other hand, there is massive interconnectivity available if it could only be tapped. how do we get our music out to the masses?

let's say I want to go "gold" with 500,000 CD sales. let's assume i'm an amazing musician and everyone who hears one song of mine will want to buy my CD. I'll offer a free download... that's no problem; doesn't cost me anything besides bandwidth charges. How do I get 500,000 people to listen to my download; or in a more realistic world, 5 million or so, assuming that 10% of people who hear my stuff would consider buying my CD.

How can I draw this much attention to myself?

Even more importantly, how can I draw this much attention to myself while a thousand other artists are trying the same thing to the same set of people that i'm targeting?

The internet gives me the distribution opportunity that I need. It's not really a problem to sell direct. Shipping 500,000 copies of my album presents some logistical difficulties, but these could be easily overcome once i start selling them.

Is it possible for an artist or band to promote themselves up to nationwide stardom?

The bonaroo music festival pulled in 70 or 80 thousand people per year the last two years, essentially by word of mouth and the web. If you have jambandish appeal, you could probably hit this circuit and its built-in enormous crowds. If you could play one of these festivals, you'd certainly get a lot of people listening to you.

Maybe we need more festivals; more that would appeal to those that would rather forgo the drugs, the tents, and the bare feet (i like that kind, don't get me wrong, but some people don't).

Each festival needs to have a draw outside of specific bands. 80,000 people don't show up to bonaroo because all of them want to see one of the acts. there are a bunch of artists, known and unknown, and more importantly there is a long weekend sleeping in a tent in a field in tennessee in an impromptu community with members in various states of undress and altered conciousness. it draws people in.

the harder festivals are the same, but their attendees like mosh pits and black clothes and stuff.

i think that all of us musicians out there need to think about what we can do other than our music to get people to listen to our music. it takes 5 minutes out of someone's life to assess whether or not they want to buy my CD. multiply that by a thousand artists and ... well, people have other things to do.

think about it. i am.

freewayblogger: "When you put a sign on the freeway, people will read it until someone takes it down"

November 10, 2003

there is a possibility that john nolan will play on a couple of my songs on thursday. you should read his bio (name link) it's really funny; i mean, um, tragic and poignant; i mean inspiring and ... well ...


on friday i went to the norva in norfolk, va to see keller williams. I missed him at bonaroo. I missed him again at live on penn. I did not miss him friday.

keller played the theremin. He played one of those weird instruments with the three bass strings and the five guitar strings. he played over loops over loops of himself. it was phenomenal and ridiculous. i'm sure he oozes music when he's just sitting there.

i stayed with my old friend jon and his wife... they live about an hour away from norfolk on the james river. isabel wiped out her parents house. FEMA's coming to bulldoze the remains tomorrow. i guess the storm surge hit 10 or 12 feet there. no one was hurt, fortunately, but everything below head level in the house was destroyed. there were logs in the hallways; they had just battered their way through the walls.

i'm thankful that all the storm cost me was attendance at my last show.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

so last weekend or so someone stole all of the quarters out of the pool table at college perk. this week someone stole the big stuffed Stitch.

There's a fine line between doing risky illegal things to impress your peers and just being a raging fuckhole.

November 05, 2003

Bask in the nerdiness of this mechanical web page hit counter

November 03, 2003

Show announcement:

Thursday - November 13, 2003




don't go to school.

seriously, quit now. get a real education. school isn't it.


i just have a lab report to do tomorrow, that's all.

(don't listen, quit)

the better bit is that i have a side project at work that won't take another 8 months to complete. i'll get to do some *science* for once. whee!

i'm going to get up early, design and draw up some parts, and then spend the rest of the day working on my lab report. it's a really long one. it's a writeup of a three week lab with lots of circuit analysis.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

i wish i had a better laptop; i could do a lot more of my work elsewhere without having to sit at my desk at work or home. this one is great for web and email but it's not really up to the stuff i need to do with Adobe Illustrator

- - - - - - - - - -

i need to sculpt something. something big. maybe later this week when i'm done with all my work i'll go buy some steel and try it. i've got a lot of scraps at work too; wonder if anyone would miss them. i've been thinking about it since amy and i talked about it on saturday.

i'll grow a thing out of stainless... though not if i buy the steel myself; stainless is expensive.

i need a pickup truck and a junkyard
i need a welder and a grinder and a torch
i need a big room with a crane on the ceiling
i need some acetylene

i've got them all, except the pickup truck.

i'm not a country musician, you know.

- .... .. ... .-.. .. -. . .. ... .. -. -- --- .-. ... . -.-. --- -.. . .-.-.- -. ...-- ..- -- ....

i am, however, a geek.

maybe i am geek folk rock like steve devil

except that i'm not folk. even if i am.

but i'm not. please inform me why i am if i am so i can try harder not to be.

if i were folk, steve key would probably like me

if i were folk, i would play at showcases and house concerts instead of... um... well, not at all

if i were folk, trsfgsi would sound much different.

on the other hand, i did write saskatchewan

umm... pocs too

hell, it's all music

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
this looks good in the postedity bit of blogger, but gets destroyed upon publishing

i present, for your approval:

a massacred whistling ascii alien

/ | ~ ~ |
| (0) (o) |
| ' ' |
\__ __/
| 0 | -oooooooooooooooo!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

i've had a lot of caffeine today, to keep me awake as i wantonly disregarded my lab report. it's good.

that's the end

November 02, 2003

if you don't like IE, you might want to try mozilla firebird. I downloaded it tonight. Only 6MB, seems to do all the CSS stuff that IE does, makes my page look good, and the thing I think is the best, does not have to be in the windows registry to work (I thinK; i just extracted it and ran firebird.exe). Plus, you can skin it, though the skin choices seem to be limited.

I know people like opera too, but I haven't tried it yet. If I were a good web designer i would, but i'm not.

so i looked at my page in netscape 4.76 today. gawd. sorry to anyone out there who wasn't using IE. i've more or less fixed it now. still have some issues with the table cell gaps not closing, but that just makes it look different, not really bad. if anyone is running opera or older netscape or IE and notices visual suck, let me know so i can fix it. this page still looks like garbage tho...
not much i can do about blogspot tho.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

in other news, i've added a page of unfinished songs. I'm not sure why they're up... something for you to read, allow to ferment in your collective unconcious, and telepathically send back inspiration as an end product maybe. maybe it's just so mitzi bugs me to finish them ;-) i dunno.

it's a nice day. go play outside.