October 31, 2003

Dan Zimmerman devoured by spectres in his sleep

The paint branch trail between my apartment complex and school meanders through tornado destroyed forest, wide stretches of experimental farmland (ask Liz, she knows their unholy secrets), and a swamp full of uprooted and broken trees that licks the edge of the trail, swollen with frequent rainstorms.

I've traversed it hundreds of times since I moved to Maryland. I called rob tonight while I watched the aurora on this trail... he didn't answer. He did call back later though, after I had dinner and decided that I wanted to see more lights. I talked with him as I rode out to Perk on my bicycle. I was creatively thwarted several times upon my arrival; people that went for the guitar moments before I did; blogger.com erring in a fashion unknown to even itself. Lattes consumed, I departed...

The cool moist almost-as-late-in-october-as-you-can-get air cut through my sweater as I hit high speeds on the Rt 193 onramp (yes, bicycle. focus.) The fog lay low and halloweeny as I passed in close proximity to the water, black broken trees stark against the deep blue, feet submerged, ankles obscured occasionally by the mist.

My bike headlight sliced out in front, a thin diverging column piercing the fog, scaring away the ghosts (and deer, I think, too). As I rounded the corner near the golf course (haunted golf course) the beam began to lose definition; the spot projected began to brown and dim. That was all. I was left with the fog and the ambient light noise, enough to see, not enough to see much.

My apartment complex loomed on the horizon, sodium vapor orange shot out between trees, and home depot launched its own at right angles, both flashing as i sped by.

I made it home, but I almost certainly picked up a haunting, or posession, or other supernatural infestation.

If things gave chase, they did so stealthily. They may be here right now... considerate enough to allow me to post, but intending to consume me afterward.


happy birthday heather

happy hall0ween.


October 30, 2003

So I got out of electronics after dark tonight and rode my bike home...

I came out from under the trees near this field on my way, and the sky was painted with a red haze...

I thought it was clouds or smoke or something at first, but i realized it was aurora.

I'm going to go out and see if I can see it again; Last time I saw good northern lights was freshman year in college, and with the sun unleashing its charged particle fury upon us in the past few days, the time is ripe.

Go out, look north and up.

If you can't see it, go somewhere darker. Especially if you've never seen it before.

October 28, 2003

just look at the picture
CNN.com - Rangers sniff out odors at big farms - Oct. 27, 2003

who knows?

eXile #176 - Vintspotting - by Lyolya Androsova

watch it.

Google Watch Watch
Google Watch

October 27, 2003

U.S. Ends 10-Game Losing Streak (washingtonpost.com)

The United States has a national rugby team. They're not very good, but at least we beat Japan!

U.S.A! U.S.A!

It's too bad that Matt Hercus missed the kick that would have "given the United Sates an opening game win against Fiji"

We should play Fiji in more sports.

Shouldn't it be perfectly transparent that Bush is helping the 9-11
ABCNEWS.com : Bush Asserts He's Helping 9-11 Commission

We're willing to kill people worldwide, but potentially unwilling to provide documentation to help investigate matters that could allow us to focus and pinpoint key targets in the "war on terror".

Yes, national security, some things need to be kept private, blah...

In this case, national security hinges on information being freely available.

I'm going to go complain to Idaho's congresspeople about this, and be a real dick about it if necessary. I'm sure that will help.

i guess it's harder to buy off the russian government than it is ours?

New Zealand News - World - Fingers point at ruthless Kremlin

ok, three amendments already.

first: it is thunder and lightning now. it's good.

second: it occurs to me that "relatively infrequent" may seem like a misjudgement of the update rate of this blog. however, i like the subtitle, so it stays.
the justification: it is updated very infrequently relative to 12 Hz.

third: i thought immediately after the last post of significantly better ways to be awakened than sunlight. let's amend that to the best way to wake up when alone.

so still, i'd like a skylight

how about a new song? this was written today. in its entirety; i worked up the guitar earlier this afternoon, spent the evening at the coffeeshop writing the lyrics.
this is a great sort of day.

gaining an hour has a mystical effect on me. I also went to adams morgan and got good and drunk last night with my friends chris, gus, and piggy; crashed at chris's sweet new place in Mt. Pleasant and I woke up at ... !!! !!! !!! 8:30am.

i like having a whole day like that. sleeping in until noon or one is great for some things, but it really cuts down on the time you can spend on your weekend.

Sunlight streaming in is the best way to wake up. I need to get a skylight installed in my room. This will probably not fly with the management though. Poff.

My laptop is suffering a slight misting at the whims of the wet october-end weather we're having, but no detriment has yet been observyioyqoweuiondf;uaiod fopi90803rjkdfsklfu98 309fjosdknnnb09u093 790sdfe..eaukjf; ;;a;eio;ea;eur89389;

Yeah so anyway. New song. Finer points of precipitation. Will be out soon live. Can you keep up? whee!

It's a nice rain tonight.

October 26, 2003

it is unfortunate that i don't know entirely what i'm doing on blogspot when i change templates. seems my archives are still green.

why change the colors?

do you wear the same shirt every time you make a speech in front of three thousand† of your closest friends?

that's a poll. you can take it because you can now post praise and ridicule, advice and inquiry, parody and insight, tarnishments and shine-a-ma-jigs.

ah yes, comments are to be taken. if this blog were bovine, it would ingest them and ruminate, savoring their verdurous delights.

but my blog IS NOT A COW. and your comments will probably not have the lush greenness of flourishing vegetation...

quick, to the poll!

do you wear the same shirt every time you make a speech in front of three thousand of your closest friends?

several acceptable answers:

a) yes
b) no
c) topless is better
d) ¡caliente!
e) f
f) e


q) i would like to restart my computer

† you should not construe from this that i have three thousand friends. i don't keep track of quantity

October 25, 2003

so i think since rob and heather will be back for the College Perk open mic on tuesday, I think I will break out the banjo for unplugged. I think i've figured out how to play it properly. It really does sound better on banjo also... not really a guitar sort of song.

don't miss it... dan with a banjo. but not Banjer Dan


So here's the thing. When I was growing up there were maybe one or two other dans in my grade school, who I didn't really know. High school was the same. Sure, there are a couple, but it was never a problem. College, two? OK fine. No issues there.

I get to grad school and all of a sudden:

My thesis adviser: Dan Lathrop
My roommate: Dan Lanterman
Another Coworker: Dan Sisan**
Undergraduate Research Dude: Dan Blum
Then there's Banjer Dan


That's enough.

No more.

I ban dans besides me.


** warning: PDF

and this is the Leibniz institute for Salsa Studies and Pasta

i'd link something to beth, but she has nothing online.

this is a cute dog

October 23, 2003

i finished recording the vocals for the radio song for guilty sleepers-in.

not only is it my latest finished recording, it is my newest song. and it has a bass solo. and some envelope filtered vocals mixed in.

the cold breezes and autumn leaves have inspired me. it is not warm. i think my songwriting has anomalous viscosity. the colder it gets, the more easily it flows.
unlike molasses.

summary: trsfgsi is out, i like the bass and my songwriting is NOT LIKE molasses.

oh, and i'm still skipping my electronics homework.

that's all for now.

Google Search: dan zimmerman

and now you can search for me on google and find my page. happy day.

so i need to get me and the folky dan zimmerman and the drummer for
gamma ray** together (he's dan zimmerman too) and we can make a
really weird-ass band.

called the dan zimmermans.


** they only have .ram files on their website. what ARE they thinking. mp3. mp3! mp3!!!!

so, if you want a preview of the radio song for guilty sleepers in you can get a sped-up version now.

Why? because it was too late at night to record vocals (sleeping roomate and neighbors), however bass, electric guitar, and keyboards are pretty quiet through headphones. then i sped it up. yes, it's up a whole octave. it would be solid chipmunk dance music if it had the vocals in it. still, it's good. so i mp3d it. the slow version (which will sound really really slow when you finally hear it) with lyrics will be out tomorrow.

i need a halloween costume. discuss. or suggest.

anyone want to do my homework for me?

October 22, 2003

there is now a song to go with these:

dan zimmerman - portrait of a colorado suicide lyrics

enjoy. i skipped my electronics homework to record it.

October 20, 2003

ah, what a tease i am. i have posted lots of lyrics links on my page,
yet only one new song. fear not though, i am not yet quite out of server space.

adam day wants portrait of a colorado
suicide next, and i bet he's not the only one of you, so it's on deck for recording.

i was actually going to do it instead of lighthouse, but i was really more in the mood
yesterday to record something happy and bouncy.

i seem to be over my cold. it wasn't too bad for my voice anyway, but it made me
a little more stuffy and nasal than i wanted to be for recording.

i also finally have something of a reprieve from research electronics; no lab report
to do this week, so i may be able to eke out a song or two.

i finished writing a new one today too, pretty long title for a pretty short song:

the radio song for guilty sleepers-in

hopefully i'll have it worked out for tuesday's open mic...

productivity, ahh...

October 19, 2003

wal-mart sells 19% of this nations food. 32% of it's diapers.

will have 25% of the "drug market" next year.
may have to check that one out but otherwise, holy shit.

apparently also responsible for 10% of US imports from china

don't buy things from wal-mart.

yeah, and, well, holy shit.

Wal-Mart, Driving Workers and Supermarkets Crazy

I wonder if this works...

might hurt his chances in November 2004...

i hope so...

Bush's 'spirit' cursed, tossed into Thai river - www.smh.com.au

in other news, as if anyone reads this, lighthouse is available
for download on my music site. yes, i've done it. ha.

i like recording. it lets me do a lot more with my songs than i can do with just
myself and an acoustic guitar. i think i'll keep doing it.

October 18, 2003

Cascading Style Sheets have made me completely unsatisfied with the colors on my other website because I can change them so easily. I have three color schemes now and a li'l bit of
cp mainkhakitahoma.css main.css

and i have a new skin for my site.

it's pretty cool though.

anyone know how long it takes to get a site added to Google? my old stupid site at Clarkson was always on the list if you searched for "dan zimmerman". Now I have something interesting and it won't show up.

patience, i suppose.

i need to stop wasting time on my website and record some more songs.


apparently, I am quiet. or so a couple of people have said lately.

i mean, i'm no chatterbox* but i never thought of myself as quiet.

i just never have anything to say :-)

hah. i write a lot of music though. maybe that will count soon. maybe i should just go around mumbling all the time and singing to myself

then i will go from "quiet" to "crazy"

i could recite 50's nebraskan gubernatorial candidates' speeches as well.

*i linked to it but now i don't want to but i did anyway... well ... it's a link for chatterbox i guess.
made up punctuation: !~!

October 14, 2003

new york was cool. out till five in the morning yesterday, but got my lab report done, took a measly nine hours. pfft. wish we had more people out at Tobacco Road which heather and I agree is ironically named, as there is NO SMOKING allowed in bars in NYC these days.

Brennan impressed me with his city driving, wandering around the city deftly. Of course, it was sunday and the traffic was nothing compared to usual, but he still did a good job of nimbly avoiding pedestrians and 2 point penalties for blocking yon box.

it was good to see my friends and have some thai near times square but would have been nice to stay later. plus i wanted to meet jayson blair, which didn't happen.

yes, it was fairly likely to happen, but it didn't. he was supposed to come to the show.

i met zack. or zach. he's an artist. punk rocker too. he was sewing a window in his girlfriend's pants the whole time, though his girlfriend, probably good for her, was not present.

sharif missed out due to illness.



and then there was sleep.... i've been having nocturnal tendencies, which make me late for work...

October 11, 2003

tomorrow i'm going to new york to play bass with Rob and Heather. I haven't had any gigs of my
own lately, but I"m soon hoping to remedy that.

If I'm going to have a music career, i should probably play out more.

I'm getting sick of the open mic thing. I have a lot more than 10-15 minutes of music that I want to play, and it's a lot more satisfying to work up a good setlist that hangs together a bit than to play three songs, usually picked at random.

i've overstayed my welcome at the Jammin Java open mic, apparently. I emailed the host to get a spot and he told me that he was reserving all the good spots for "newcomers and acts who will build an audience at jammin java". I don't know quite how to take that.

Maybe he thinks I suck.

Maybe he just knows I can't drag 100 people down to see me play for 10 minutes.

I'm worried about that latter one getting into the DC music scene. There are so many venues where the bottom line is whether or not you can bring in 100 people to your show. You can suck as long as you can drag everyone you know out.

I understand the motivation from a coffeeshop or bar owner's standpoint. It's simple economics. On the other hand, it's hard to build a big fan base if you can't play anywhere. It's all part of paying your dues in the music world though, and I'll be excited if I can work my way up there...

October 05, 2003

i always have writers block in the summer. i'd like to write more songs when i have more free time, away from goddamn classes but i can never finish any good songs. then fall comes around, and the block dissolves. it might just be that i've believed it true for a while such that i make it true. it could be that I don't want to sit down and write when the days are long and the weather's nice. i think it runs deeper than that though.

i don't want to write songs of contentment.

no one needs them.

people need songs of mourning, of sadness, of anger and of moments of amazing joy, but no one needs songs of contentment.

"gee, everything is going more or less OK. I need to listen to some music to get me through this."
you didn't hear it here.


someone pointed out recently that I use a lot of fire imagery in my music.

fire is intensity. heat and change and ashen endings.

you don't need it in the summer.
it's a matter of life and death in the winter.