September 29, 2003

well, i've brushed up on my html and done a new music site in preparation for this fall. my plan is to start playing around DC and i wanted a page to showcase my stuff.
here it is

September 15, 2003

Well, I just pulled my first real all-nighter. Big deal you say? I'm a third year grad student. I just love going back to having homework again.

I went earlier yesterday to the local coffeeshop to work on my lab report for Research Electronics, and I was immediately waylaid by friends who were playing Trivial Pursuit, Genus edition.

At least I was on the winning team.

Good morning.

September 14, 2003

welcome to my blog.

it's early in the morning and i've decided to stay up longer to start a weblog.

i'm a musican. i'm listening to myself on mp3.

it's nice that i've reached the point where i like my songs enough to listen to them. for a while i wrote and abandoned songs, because i didn't think i was very good. i probably wasn't.

some people say i sound like Adam Duritz

i don't know about that, but if it is so i guess i don't mind. love the 'crows.

i'm listening to this

i have to write a new song by Thursday.

does it diminish a song if you force it out rather than waiting for inspiration? maybe, but i've gone all summer without writing anything. i suggested that i might have a new song for my show on thursday and my friends; my fans... it's cool to have fans...

see, i am a science geek. i'm getting my Ph.D. in physics at the University of Maryland.

This means I weld a lot.

I'll explain later. Anyway, physicists don't have fans until they get really really famous and only then if they're particularly good at resonating with public conciousness.

Musicians are luckier.

I currently don't like physics. I did. I will later; but physics is not the ideal profession for an angsty twentysomethin' wannabe rockstar

maybe it is. i'd hate to have a real 9 to 5 with a manager and performance reviews and endless pointless meetings

but i don't like it because it's physics, i like it because it pays the rent.

and i weld a LOT. stainless steel, mostly.

metal bends to my will.

and i have fans.

and a volvo.

good stuff.