December 11, 2003

My sister has a webpage of thingen that she likes, and she also has a blog

She has sprung this upon me via my blog commenten!

For some reason these thingen make me want to pluralize everything with an -en instead of -s.

So i've finished one of my lab reporten that is due now in less than twenty four houren and I still have one to go. Research electronicen is almost done! Oh, except for the twenty-five percent of my grade that I have to extract from the final exam next thursday. But soon, twill be no more.

- - - -demarcation below which normal pluralization resumes- - - - - - - - -

So I got an email on the cupajo mailing list about their imminent departure from college park for touring upon the east coast. they are looking for couches to sleep on and places to play and people to talk them up to their friends. my sphere of blog influence doesn't extend much past the dc/baltimore metro areas, however, so posting this here won't help them too much.

I want to publicly wish them luck though, and hopefully I'll be joining the whole quit and tour movement in a couple of years, Ph.D. in hand. the end of research electronics gives me hope that I will be able to concentrate on doing some actual physics minus some of the suck that's been getting me down recently.

I need to start booking shows for the new year, as well. I need to get out and play at venues other than college perk: i've been eyeing staccato as a possibility. Cool bar, good sound from what I heard at the cupajo show. I will be going to the open mic soon to give a preview and drop off a CD. I think I should probably record some tracks that are just me and guitar so they don't think that "dan zimmerman" is a band :-). I still have the raw tracks from most of the recordings so i can just rebounce a lot of them. Alright, it's getting to be get-kicked-out* time at the coffeeshop, so I must rebundle my belongings and gtfo.

*no such thing really, but it's nominal closing time


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