December 15, 2003

And now for the first installment of Songwriting Backstage:

i wanted to write a surreal song but i got this instead...

mild mannered jennifer

schizophrenic girl leaks into songwriter's brain.

i started the first images in another song. there was going to be a homeless guy throwing cars through glass buildings and leaving them intact... and all the pavement was going to be stripped away from the city too. that was about all i had. i had this in mind for a specific guitar part...

so i pull into the supermarket parking lot today and the phrase "self-imposed exile" pops into my head as something to put into my surreal song.

when i got back with my groceries i decide to pick up the guitar and simultaneously decide that the aforementioned guitar part doesn't have exile attached to it so i try something else i had kicking around.

enter aerosol kings.

then i watched the simpsons.
and bernie mac.

and decided to finish the song. so i did.

and it was not quite what i had planned.

- - - - - - - -

aaaanyway, thanks to everyone that came to the thai gour on saturday. i had a blast playing bass with rob and heather, and the pad thai was excellent, but i wish i had just opened. i felt like my second set was not so up to par because . . .

1) my throat was miserable
2) rob and heather are hard to follow
3) i need to figure out how to take up more sonic space if i'm going to play biggish places. i need to feed my guitar fatty foods or something because i felt like my sound was a bit thin
4) i was rushing because of the above which made me nervous which made me rush more which... well, you know, positive feedback.

first set felt good... so did break/topsoil/precipitation but i shoulda stuck those in before

alright; gotta work in the morning... anyone know a good place to get a 1m diameter 1m high cylinder of aluminum on the cheap? let me know.


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