November 14, 2003

thank you all for coming to my show!

i really was glad when people came to the hurricane show, but i am even gladder that more people got to come to this one. i think i play better knowing that you aren't missing me.

saskatchewan was ridiculous.

john nolan on guitar
rowan on djembe
aleta on doumbek

!!! even

ah, the delights of a random spontaneoband.

i broke a string on fallen
i got to play john's brand new less-than-a-week-in-his-possesion-taylor for a bit

tyler changed my string so that i could bring john and rowan back up for burning girl

the PA was good

my throat is sore; i don't really spend all that much time singing...

i still feel like i sounded good at the end; it wasn't the kind of sore throat that actually affects the singing,
but it just doesn't feel good.

bedtime; i was just on erasing the show off the dates page

more soon.


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