November 24, 2003

so i posted my website in the Counting Crows artists' forum and now i'm hoping that adam duritz hears my music. stupid, i know, but you never know.

so, back when i was in cupajo, and we won the battle of the bands to open art attack at maryland, there was a brief and totally false rumor going around that counting crows were going to play the show. of course it ended up being george clinton, and the crows were never actually considered for art attack. for a while, though, i thought that there was a tiny chance that i'd get to open for CC.

ah well, i did get to open for P-funk...

not as personal a thing though.

gotta get my music out there anyway. who knows... maybe someone over there will listen and i'll end up opening for them and...

the band does read the forums, you know.

now, time to get to the sleepy kind of dreams.


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