November 02, 2003

so i looked at my page in netscape 4.76 today. gawd. sorry to anyone out there who wasn't using IE. i've more or less fixed it now. still have some issues with the table cell gaps not closing, but that just makes it look different, not really bad. if anyone is running opera or older netscape or IE and notices visual suck, let me know so i can fix it. this page still looks like garbage tho...
not much i can do about blogspot tho.

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in other news, i've added a page of unfinished songs. I'm not sure why they're up... something for you to read, allow to ferment in your collective unconcious, and telepathically send back inspiration as an end product maybe. maybe it's just so mitzi bugs me to finish them ;-) i dunno.

it's a nice day. go play outside.


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