November 10, 2003

on friday i went to the norva in norfolk, va to see keller williams. I missed him at bonaroo. I missed him again at live on penn. I did not miss him friday.

keller played the theremin. He played one of those weird instruments with the three bass strings and the five guitar strings. he played over loops over loops of himself. it was phenomenal and ridiculous. i'm sure he oozes music when he's just sitting there.

i stayed with my old friend jon and his wife... they live about an hour away from norfolk on the james river. isabel wiped out her parents house. FEMA's coming to bulldoze the remains tomorrow. i guess the storm surge hit 10 or 12 feet there. no one was hurt, fortunately, but everything below head level in the house was destroyed. there were logs in the hallways; they had just battered their way through the walls.

i'm thankful that all the storm cost me was attendance at my last show.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

so last weekend or so someone stole all of the quarters out of the pool table at college perk. this week someone stole the big stuffed Stitch.

There's a fine line between doing risky illegal things to impress your peers and just being a raging fuckhole.


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