November 17, 2003

ok, this is strange. so as part of the blogger hosting, they post that ad up there it lists some links and a couple of related search terms.

a few minutes ago the "related terms" were "aussie slang" and "automysophobia"

somehow, this is targeted advertising.

i'm going to make "automysophobia" into your word of the day. who said ads weren't good for anything:

from wikipedia, automysophobia is the fear of being dirty.

not to be confused with Automatonophobia, which is the "fear of any inanimate object that represents a sentient being, eg. statues, dummies, robots, etc. "

now, i'm not afraid to be dirty if the situation calls for it...

how's that for a word o' the day, mate?

word of the day will be sporadic, at absolute best


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