October 11, 2003

tomorrow i'm going to new york to play bass with Rob and Heather. I haven't had any gigs of my
own lately, but I"m soon hoping to remedy that.

If I'm going to have a music career, i should probably play out more.

I'm getting sick of the open mic thing. I have a lot more than 10-15 minutes of music that I want to play, and it's a lot more satisfying to work up a good setlist that hangs together a bit than to play three songs, usually picked at random.

i've overstayed my welcome at the Jammin Java open mic, apparently. I emailed the host to get a spot and he told me that he was reserving all the good spots for "newcomers and acts who will build an audience at jammin java". I don't know quite how to take that.

Maybe he thinks I suck.

Maybe he just knows I can't drag 100 people down to see me play for 10 minutes.

I'm worried about that latter one getting into the DC music scene. There are so many venues where the bottom line is whether or not you can bring in 100 people to your show. You can suck as long as you can drag everyone you know out.

I understand the motivation from a coffeeshop or bar owner's standpoint. It's simple economics. On the other hand, it's hard to build a big fan base if you can't play anywhere. It's all part of paying your dues in the music world though, and I'll be excited if I can work my way up there...


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