October 05, 2003

i always have writers block in the summer. i'd like to write more songs when i have more free time, away from goddamn classes but i can never finish any good songs. then fall comes around, and the block dissolves. it might just be that i've believed it true for a while such that i make it true. it could be that I don't want to sit down and write when the days are long and the weather's nice. i think it runs deeper than that though.

i don't want to write songs of contentment.

no one needs them.

people need songs of mourning, of sadness, of anger and of moments of amazing joy, but no one needs songs of contentment.

"gee, everything is going more or less OK. I need to listen to some music to get me through this."
you didn't hear it here.


someone pointed out recently that I use a lot of fire imagery in my music.

fire is intensity. heat and change and ashen endings.

you don't need it in the summer.
it's a matter of life and death in the winter.


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