October 27, 2003

how about a new song? this was written today. in its entirety; i worked up the guitar earlier this afternoon, spent the evening at the coffeeshop writing the lyrics.
this is a great sort of day.

gaining an hour has a mystical effect on me. I also went to adams morgan and got good and drunk last night with my friends chris, gus, and piggy; crashed at chris's sweet new place in Mt. Pleasant and I woke up at ... !!! !!! !!! 8:30am.

i like having a whole day like that. sleeping in until noon or one is great for some things, but it really cuts down on the time you can spend on your weekend.

Sunlight streaming in is the best way to wake up. I need to get a skylight installed in my room. This will probably not fly with the management though. Poff.

My laptop is suffering a slight misting at the whims of the wet october-end weather we're having, but no detriment has yet been observyioyqoweuiondf;uaiod fopi90803rjkdfsklfu98 309fjosdknnnb09u093 790sdfe..eaukjf; ;;a;eio;ea;eur89389;

Yeah so anyway. New song. Finer points of precipitation. Will be out soon live. Can you keep up? whee!

It's a nice rain tonight.


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