October 18, 2003

Cascading Style Sheets have made me completely unsatisfied with the colors on my other website because I can change them so easily. I have three color schemes now and a li'l bit of
cp mainkhakitahoma.css main.css

and i have a new skin for my site.

it's pretty cool though.

anyone know how long it takes to get a site added to Google? my old stupid site at Clarkson was always on the list if you searched for "dan zimmerman". Now I have something interesting and it won't show up.

patience, i suppose.

i need to stop wasting time on my website and record some more songs.


apparently, I am quiet. or so a couple of people have said lately.

i mean, i'm no chatterbox* but i never thought of myself as quiet.

i just never have anything to say :-)

hah. i write a lot of music though. maybe that will count soon. maybe i should just go around mumbling all the time and singing to myself

then i will go from "quiet" to "crazy"

i could recite 50's nebraskan gubernatorial candidates' speeches as well.

*i linked to it but now i don't want to but i did anyway... well ... it's a link for chatterbox i guess.
made up punctuation: !~!


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