October 20, 2003

ah, what a tease i am. i have posted lots of lyrics links on my page,
yet only one new song. fear not though, i am not yet quite out of server space.

adam day wants portrait of a colorado
suicide next, and i bet he's not the only one of you, so it's on deck for recording.

i was actually going to do it instead of lighthouse, but i was really more in the mood
yesterday to record something happy and bouncy.

i seem to be over my cold. it wasn't too bad for my voice anyway, but it made me
a little more stuffy and nasal than i wanted to be for recording.

i also finally have something of a reprieve from research electronics; no lab report
to do this week, so i may be able to eke out a song or two.

i finished writing a new one today too, pretty long title for a pretty short song:

the radio song for guilty sleepers-in

hopefully i'll have it worked out for tuesday's open mic...

productivity, ahh...


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